How to become a California Licensed Private Investigator

How to become a California Licensed Private Investigator

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Become a California Licensed Private Investigator without going to school or working for someone else. 

. If you attend a school, you still need to obtain 6000 hours working for a PI before you can start your own business. Usually making minimum wage. Thats 3 years full time.

Instead of making minimum wage and helping someone else’s company, you can hire me as your Qualified Manager and I can teach you as you build your own company.

How does it work: You can start your company as a sole proprietorship, LLC or Corporation. I am NOT listed as an owner, partner or officer. When we submit your paperwork to the state for approval, I am only listed as your QM and you will essentially operate under my PI license. I have zero financial interest in your company. It typically takes about 4 months for your PI License to get approved. During that time, we can do some training, both online and in person when necessary. Once you get your PI license, we can get you set up with your databases that only licensed PI’s can access, as well as DMV access. Now you can start earning money charging a full rate. Even if you start out only charging $100 an hour, you can make so much more money than working for someone else.

I become responsible for your actions as a PI until you obtain your 6000 hours and then you can take your test to replace me as your QM. This is not a school. This is me personally helping you one on one to teach you how to become a PI and operate and market yourself as a PI. I charge an upfront fee that can be broken down into 3 payments. 1 to get the paperwork started, 2nd in 2 months and the 3rd upon issuance of your PI license. I then charge a monthly fee that you only pay for the 36 months. After that, I sign off on your hours and you can take the PI test to replace me as your QM.

Contact me if you are interested and I can go over the pricing structure and answer any of your questions.